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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 12, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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good bars. >> that's it. thanks for watching, see you back in new york city tomorrow. back in new york city tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who if you were washing is in washington so this shouldn't come as a surprise. now to tom shillue for our pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> david brooks writes another column that is more fun to talk about than to read which is great because only one of the people on our panel subscribes to the new york times, and that is just because he loves the sunday style section. and the film maker responsible for the excuse for the benghazi attacks is vowing to finish the film no one knew didn't have an ending because we weren't able to sit through the part of the film he did make. and can you tell me how to get to cell block d?
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"sesame street" is tackling the issue of what to do when dad is in prison, which is not surprising considering they have long advocated cookie stealing and living in garbage cans. andy? >> thanks, tom. see you at the end of the show. >> right on. >> let's welcome our guests. she still thinks we have certain pictures of her from spring break 1998, so she agreed to come on again. i am here with brooke goldstein founder of the children's rights institute. and a first time guest. she comedian andrew schulz and related to bill. he is bill's second cousin and bill's dad first cousin larry schulz's son. larry is joe's second brother's son and larry grew up in new york and then new jersey and he and his wife sandra have a dance studio in manhattan. in other words, we are very excited. and then there is bill schulz. he thinks he is at a familyn. and here to lend some credibility to this amateur hour is daily caller jaime
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weinstein. he is the author of the e book "the lizard king." >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. hey, where is the dwarf? >> i really enjoyed running that. bill, i think i hear someone at the door. >> andy gram. >> [laughing]. >> there goes the budget for fy2013. so david brooks who is exactly five years older than i am -- i found out last night we share a birthday -- but mind sets are generations apart. brooks writes disapprovingly of nsa leak erred ward snowden which in and of itself is fine. there are good and good faith arguments as to whether snowden did a good thing leaking information to g re enwald and the post. brooks makes none of those arguments. like a scooby doo villain he says the problem boils down to these meddling kids. for brooks the problem is a generation that has lost faith
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in the wisdom of daddy. he writes with distaste of a distinct strand of libertarianism that is in this pragmating age. the hierarchies are suspect and the fervent devotion to transparency. the assumption that preference should be supreme. president obama is saying cynicism is as dangerous as big brother. the president said that less than a week before the irs scandal broke. and now david brooks who assured us we need to send young men and women off to die in iraq because saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction will lecture us about what he calls a caw corrosive cynicism. david, do you think the problem is cynical of young people living a life unshaped by the mediating institutions of civil society? that's fine. the problem is old people who live through vietnam, watergate, the iran contra, impeachment, and mission accomplished and shake their
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head when they have a deep distrust of authority. cynicism and defense of liberty is no vice, and blind obedience is no virtue. i guess that makes me a meddling student if not in age. >> andy gram. >> jaime, full disclosure. i have no idea what thatment. it was written for me and i read it and i hope it sounded okay. is it cynical of david brookes to say we are too cynical? or is it cynical of me to even suggest that. >> i don't mind the first half of his column. he is a guy that looks into the way communities relate to the two books. i think the idea of what it means for these -- for this day and age and somebody who attached to the computer and how they relate to society than in the past. they are right and the conclusions have been made fun of plenty on twitter. they are not the best they have ever done.
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i don't think i was as upset as you seem to be. >> i didn't write that, so i don't really know. brooke, you claim to be a lawyer. i have yet to see proof of that. i don't think any of us have. let's talk about snowden. what do you think will happen to him? >> first of all i think that we should note and i am glad you brought it up. the left used to be about distrusting government. now they love big brother and this is a bad thing. this country was founded on distrust of government. it is written all over the constitution. what snowden has done and we canada bait if he is a good guy or patriot is bring to light one of the most important issues of our time. what does the 4th amendment protect? the 4th amendment protect what's you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. we all use devices from iphones to ipads and g mail and everything is stored electronically with a third party. does any one of us have a reasonable expectation of privacy?
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do we? do we have to reexamine the test and this will all come out in the aclu suit that was filed today. >> absolutely. i will talk about that in a minute. i think the fact i use g mail means, sure i know g mail is storying it somewhere on a server, but there is a difference between me knowing that and giving them whatever access they have to it and the government coming in and taking it without my knowledge. >> well, we have had supreme court cases that say you don't have a reasonable expectation to privacy with your phone records. andy mccarthy wrote a piece about this. i think where that argument is wrong is that it is not just phone records now. you have devices that have gps tracking. they can track where you made the phone call. snowden hinted that we have no idea the extent to which they are sur veiling our records if it is only phone. also i think the warrant that was issued by secret court has to be examined. where was the reasonable probable cause? what is the reasonable basis for a warrant that dragnets
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millions and millions of law abiding citizen information? >> absolutely. andrew, welcome to the show. first time here. >> i am in way over my head. 4th amendment? who knows the 4th amendment? >> the bar you have to clear to be better than bill is super low. so don't even worry about it. 4th amendment and all of that stuff aside, what do you think of this guy snowden? hero? villain? somewhere in between? >> i don't care if the government spies on me. i don't get why people are so -- i actually -- the more nervous you are about the government spying on you, the more i think you are into child porn. what are you hiding? >> i will go ahead and deny that. i want to get that out there right now. >> yes, i might download music or a movie, but i don't think the nsa is coming to my house saying, hey, "madagascar 4" we
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know you downloaded it. you are now going to mass do gas scar. >> did you really download "madagascar 4"? >> no, i did 3. it is under rated. >> people love snowden or hate him. whereas people only hate you. did you ever think about that? >> at least you have formed those in a question. with greg it would have ended in people hate you and we have gone to break. i think snowden is -- we really don't know what his reasoning was for this just yet. i do know that he left hawaii for hong kong. i am thinking he must have been doing it forthright reasons. no one would choose one or the other. over the other. he left a girl on a pole girlfriend wise. he left a lot of things to give us this information. in that sense perhaps he is a hero. i would also say that you gotta get over this whole scooby doo thing. brooks might be a scooby doo villain, i sometimes feel you
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are too much putting yourself into the scooby doo game. you have always maintained that lou daabs was the great room ghost and you have no proof of that. by the way, you are the only meddling kid. >> and ron paul was old man mcgilacuty. >> we have the director *6 -- of national attention lying about the nsa's capabilities. do you think he should resign? >> okay. loaded. >> it is better than the question i got. >> how do you criticize the national director of security on live television? i think we are seeing it repeated in the obama administration. i didn't know what we were doing. the only thing worse than claiming incompetence is in this case claiming competence.
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look, he needs to tell the truth of what is going on. if it is true that the national security director did not know this was going on, either way it is not good. >> there is no way he didn't know. >> he didn't know when asked a couple years ago during the egyptian resolution that the muslim brotherhood was an -- was a secular organization. >> i was bummed this guy clapper is not the inventor of the clapper. he should resign because of that. the only reason he is the director of national intelligence is because people thought that. >> that's why i voted for him. >> exactly. that's what i'm saying. >> he was the inventor of the clab. that's -- of the clap. that's why people kept their distance. >> bill, that's your name? >> hc is my cuz. >> step off. >> and look how proud you are of that. >> you don't know him well at all. >> that's true. >> snowden's girlfriend,
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allegedly says if for sure it is her, says she is lost at see. should snowden have given her more of a heads up? >> have i a theory and people are suggesting this that she is a sleeper agent behind the whole thing. >> i think it is obvious behind the pole training that that is training. >> this is an over all tough issue. on this panel you can see people struggling with both sides. certainly i am. i am naturally one to defend talk. i give leeway to the government. there are two questions. one the extraordinary powers they are using, are they catching terrorists? the two examples are not clear that that is actually working. they caught him after the fact of the mumbai attack. the other one there is evidence that they didn't catch him before in the new york subway. they used other means. it is not clear that they have been used correctly. the other question is is there a chance this could be abused
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1234* we have evidence that programs like this have been abused. on the other hand the prism is only supposed to be foreign and not domestic spying. the fact that they couldn't figure out that he was e-mailing glen greenwold and going to do all of this stuff means that they weren't snooping on his e-mail. so maybe they are focused on that. >> and there is some question about just how this guy in this position got access to all of this stuff. >> and i am not a defense hawk, but i am a fan of ethan hawk. before midnight, i don't have to tell you it is a delight. it is not here nor there. >> i would like to purge you from the show. >> are you going to let me finish my thought? >> i made my movie pun and i am comfortable. >> continue. >> well, the great thing about what she wrote, she did not stop with i am adrift at sea. she kept going further. she referenced mermaids and she talked about how symbolic pirates are after her. the whole time you said yes, that is the blog entry a stripper would write.
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she never had to say her profession. >> she is not a stripper. >> she likes pole dancing. let me have my things. >> i think the riel -- i think the real sad story is not her, but the nsa agent that has to read her blog. >> i would rather something a little more -- >> i think he wanted to see the pictures on the pole. >> brooke, you brought up the aclu lawsuit. they are suing over the meta data from the phone calls. >> they have two -- i think they have two arguments. the fourth amendment, i think the standard we have been using so far has to be uh memberedded by the -- has to be amended by the supreme court. but also they have a first amendment argument and it creates a chilling affect. it is interesting and i will think this out loud. >> please, take your time. >> one argument negates the other. if you know the government is dragnetting, that's what would create a chilling affect. you wouldn't speak, but if you know the government is
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dragnetting you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> i think the prism thing is more serious if they are going in the united states. the verizon thing, they have a bunch of numbers. the more numbers you have the less intrusive it is. they can't focus on a billion numbers every day. they are using algorithms to figure out what could be corrected to terrorism. theoretically they are not listening to tone calls. >> they are storing the information. it is about looking back. 20 years from now somebody accuses you of a crime, god forbid, the team could look at 25 years. if you looked at 25 years of records of anyone you can make up a plausible story. that's dangerous. >> i great. last question. booz allen, they fired him and yet you still have a job. did you ever think of that? >> my name is not obvious like his. it is not booz schulz. i am not throwing out what i do after the show. he is obviously an alcoholic. >> booz allen is the name of
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the company. >> all right, i didn't hear the question. we are moving on. from one to another. he is the scorsese of crazy or the kubrick of coo-coo. the man who made the movie that started the benghazi attack is vowing to finish the movie. he told fox his film "innocence of muslims" has been widely misunderstood. >> i have a lot of to defend. some of them believe in this culture and that's whye need to fight with the culture. >> in november, nako lo a was sent to time behind bars for his film and using fake names. he has two hours of footage to complete his film and wants to find a distributor for what he released in september.
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he showed fox news for what he calls the movie's emotional last seen. take a look. >> brooke, i know this guy is one of your heros. you have a big "innocence of muslims" poster in your room. how excited are you for him to finish his masterpiece? >> super excited. i am really happy we are doing this story and i hate to say this on the show, but this is no laughing matter. first they come after nakoula or whatever his name is and then they come after all of us. he is the test of what this administration can do vis-a-vis taking our freedom of speech. it goes back to the speech in cairo. the future does not belong to those who defame islam is what he said. yes it does. the supreme court has afforded the highest protection to even
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the most offensive speech. did you know this government co-sponsored a resolution with the muslim brotherhood government in egypt with morsey that attempts to make the criticism of religion using the religion, a violation of international law? they redacted from all counter terrorism manuals, and now we have one individual who is -- the finger is pointed at him for exercising his first amendment right to free speech. this is a, very dangerous -- this is very, very dangerous. >> i agree that it is no laughing matter. but i will try to make it one anyway. >> we got basically a 14-minute trailer for this movie. i think it is fair to say it is not of the best quality. but maybe the rest of the footage is super complimentary to muslims and had amazing production values. we don't know. >> compared to "battlefield
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earth" it looks like a classic compared to this film. the actors in the film who didn't think they were making this, they thought they were making "desert warrior" i'm sure they are thrilled. i actually don't like to focus on this guy. the attackers of the cairo embassy, attacked the first day and then the benghazi attack unrelated to the film. but they used a pretext to the film to attack it. i don't like to focus on the guys saying there was a justification there when there wasn't. i would rather focus on the violence they caused and the vialness and the morsey government who refused to protect the embassy and the pretext they used to do it. >> not only does this guy not hold a gouge against the government, but they thanked them for keeping him safe. >> they definitely kept him safe. they gave great promo. >> that none of us will be
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talking about. >> why is he unsafe? he is unsafe because the president, the secretary of state and susan rice did what i thought was an unlawful bill of attainer and pointed at him and accused him of being the cause of violence happening thousands of miles away. the government is the one who put him in there. >> benghazi, certainly. that was probably not the case. there was scores of rights that was totally -- you have to make it where they were looking for something. they would have happened regardless. but they had signs. they were saying that it was because of the stupid -- >> 100% you are absolutely wrong . >> that's my cousin. they released a press released two days before the attack saying they were going attack the embassy. >> in benghazi, sure. but you have acting as if that was the only riot. >> coming up, is walking through losers? brooke goldstein's new book, i
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strap two to my feet and they carry me everywhere. do women resist a flozie in their but find time for a man who can rhyme? yes and sadly no. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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should they learn about the pen if they are under 10? and is big bird a jail bird? straight from the thanks obama files is news that they released an educational packet on how parents can cope with kids in prison. little children, big challenges incarceration is for families with children aged three to eight offering tips to mom and dad not in the slammer. like, quote, let your child know the incarceration is not his fault. let him know he is not alone. and it features videos are a muppet named alex whose father
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thinks laws are a bother. it is brought to you by the letters o and z and the numbers 1, 8, 7. >> my dad is in jail. >> in jail? why? >> i don't like to talk about it . most people don't understand. >> actually i do understand what you are going through. when i was about your age my dad was incarcerated too? >> he was? >> wait. what is carcerated and why was your dad in it? >> bill -- >> anyway, children cope in different ways. this young boy whose parents are both in jail dances away the pain.
12:25 am
>> is that actually another one of your cousins? >> yes. he is the dealer. >> as both a lawyer allegedly and someone who is not allegedly, but for real has been in jail many, many, many times what is your take on this? >> that kid is awesome. i love that kid. >> that is not part of the story. >> i can see how hosts on "the fringe" will say this is terrible and it rationalizes parents being in jail and normalizes it, but like you said kids need coping mechanisms mechanisms and that's what" sesame street" does. i think it is a good thing. i think what we should be more outraged about is the fact that we have hamas and hezbollah children programming being aired in the united states illegally teaching children to become suicide bombers. >> you did it. >> shame -- stay on target.
12:26 am
stay on target. >> absolute genius. >> i am impressed. >> andrew. nearly seven million people are under some kind of a correctional supervision here in this country. is there a downside to this? >> no. i feel bad they are lying to the kids. >> isn't this a -- the first thing like a drug dealer always says is i am just trying to make some money to support my family. it is like you are lying to us. you ate too much, kid. stop eating too much. >> parents get divorced and tell kids it is not their fault. of course it is the kids' fault. they were happily married. jaime, is this an idea whose time has come or not an idea whose time has gone. >> as the producer of the hamas mickey mouse show i am offended. this is actually very sad. that whole video, i watched
12:27 am
the clip they had on-line and it is heartbreaking. i am all for it. i can only imagine you would have nothing to do with your kids going to jail. if they are qoaping -- coping with that, and this helps, god help them. >> this just made me want to watch the muppet version of "oz." >> just some of the scene you sick, sick, bastard. if anybody has a problem with, this think about something. "sesame street" has been on since 1969 and running out of things. short of a dad with hepititis and dyslexia there is nothing they can provide new packet wise. >> and you own the trademark. >> they will need to make a muppet out of me. you have to give credit to the mupeteers. every one of them has a smile the size of the savannah. it is going across his head. he has a giant smile, but they
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actually made him look sad. my dad is in jail for three counts of assault he made them look good. i wish i could have done that with the paper. >> i have to move on. coming up, ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ooh heaven is a place on earth. something i was messaged on twitter last night. what former nfl star got jail time for slapping his lawyer's backside? smart money on deshawn butt slapper. it could be anyone, really.
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is he headed to jail for slapping some tail? on monday chad johnson appeared in court after violating his probation in a domestic violence case. his lawyer worked out a deal calling for no jail time, but a jumping nexted it after the man formerly known as "ochocinco" slapped his attorney on the butt while in court. >> do you have any questions? the whole courtroom laughed because you slapped your attorney. i don't think anything is funny about this, mr. johnson. this sbt a joke -- this isn't a joe. >> i didn't do it as a joke. >> everybody in the courtroom was laughing. i am not accepting these plea negotiations. >> i am not accepting these plea negotiations. she is the worst. following the playful slap, the judge gave johnson 30 playful days in jail and
12:33 am
extended his playful probation for three playful months. we must discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> where chad johnson works and where he iced -- where he used to work, the butt slaps means hello. should the judge take that into account? >> she should. but i don't think chad should stop -- i think chad should stop celebrating outside of the field. i don't feel bad for him. he didn't even have his shirt tucked in. he was not prepared. it was a slight slap. if it was a pat she would say you are excited about this. >> he barely jiggled one cheek. for lack of a better word, half assed. >> shouldn't this judge be impeached for being uptight? >> what happens between attorney and client is attorney-client privilege. it is between chad and his attorney.
12:34 am
>> who the hell is chad johnson? i don't follow the nfl. >> excuse me. he is not muslim. >> although he could convert. they have been known to do that. >> especially sending him to jail that happens a lot. jaime the judge was pis se d everybody laughed, but that is not chad johnson's fault. >> he didn't want people to laugh. why can't we trust the man for once? i am inclined to attack him because i believe there is an idiot rule and you should go to jail for 30 days for being an idiot. but i would say he is the hero of our age. she like us right here. he is in a serious situation and trying to make a comic moment out of it. that's what we do in this show and i applaud chad johnson and i would like to see him on the show one day. >> he was going to get a plea deal. didn't he head butt his girlfriend? and now he gets 30 days for lightly tapping his lawyer's butt. what kind of system is this? bill? >> not to quote your earlier comment, but i will not accept your plea. i will not accept your plea.
12:35 am
that's how you sounded, judge. and that is could go against the certain rant steven a smith did earlier in the day where he enunciated a lot and said things very slowly. but i completely disagree with his anger. this girl is angling for a judge show. 30 days just because he patted some butt. i never thought i would say this in my life but poor chad johnson. not "ochocinco" but poor chad johnson. >> i don't think you need to refer to her as this judge. >> this broad better watch out. >> next topic. should magic mushrooms be used as medicine? the drug has been taken more seriously and now a new study suggests they could possibly be used to treat clinical depression and anxiety. the resoipers found small doses of the huh luna general reduced fear in lab mice.
12:36 am
a lot of people don't know that. i think it is the crunch berries themselves. i didn't have this as a question, but they may reduce fears in lab mice, but i think it increases fear of lab mice when you take it. they start to get bigger and bigger and then they talk to you. next thing you know you are having a full conversation with a lab mouse and then they are moving in and you are moving to vermont and they are living in a cabin and they are 65 and they have no money and they can't collect social security because they were living off the grid for 40 years. >> that's the next semi street episode. >> shouldn't have eaten the captain crunch before the show. >> andrew, is this -- it kind of makes sense. it will make you not feel fear. >> not feel fear, but it is anxiety.
12:37 am
i feel like that would make me feel the most anxiety if things were melting like you said and the mouth is growing and he is talking. i would never take mushrooms for that. i would take mushrooms if i was in a place that was really boring like vermont and then i would take them just to hope a rat would come out of no where and i could have a talk with splinter for five minutes. >> i would like to apologize to all of our vermont fans. >> but kudos to the teenage mu president tay sh -- mutant ninja turtles. >> this is a natural progression. first you have medical marijuana and then medical shrooms and then gay marriage and then we are all out on the streets partying and nothing is getting done. >> terrible. horrible world. it just seems suspect to me. hearsay obviously is what i know. they make you afraid and you
12:38 am
huh louse nate. tab they work, fine. we have given people things 10 times stronger than mushrooms grown in feces. >> that's something completely different and stay out of my office. >> google it. >> sure, why not? jaime, i am guessing you are all for this, why >> i am for it. i think what is crazy is they said to get the mushrooms because they are a drug they have to go through all of these hurdles to use them in studies. i don't understand why that is the case. i president do understand why adults can't choose to ingest into their body what they want to and i find that problematic. >> absolutely. bill, i know what you are thinking. how far away are we from medical cocaine to treat for laziness? >> when you think about it, all cocaine is medical, andy. i won't elaborate on that, but think about it. i would take what jaime said and take it further. not only should we be able to
12:39 am
ingest whatever we put in our body, but other people should be able to ingest what i put in their drinks. >> are you a horrible, human being. it is time to take a break. when we return, a performance from our musical guest.
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are women choosey when it comes to floozies? when it comes to a study, college lasses view their sexually per miss skew us with peers as not worthy as friendship. those with 20 sexual partners by their 20s and they say there is a double standard saying for sexually permissive women they are ons trough sized for being easy and men with a high number of partners
12:43 am
have a sense of accomplishment. andrew, it seems the message of sleeping around could ruin your life. is that the kind of awful message we should be sending to hot college girls? >> yes. >> i don't like you. >> you have to think about the future, man. the more picky women are, the more progress we have in society. >> really? >> if they reward greatness with having sex, then people continue to be great. sph they -- if they have sex with us and we don't do anything -- >> we are all screwed. >> that's why we can't make more of us. just greg gutfeld has to do it. >> it will be a society of smurfs. >> brooke, why do you think the more per miss skew us with women are more likely to shy away from making friends who are similarly per miss could -- per miss skew us with. >> they say there is a word for it.
12:44 am
i don't buy this study though. that's not what it was like. the slutty girls had a lot of friends, more than the nonslutty girls. the reason the females were said to shun their sexually permiscuous peers is they thought it would rub off on them. and the men just thought the friends would sleep with their girlfriends. i understand that motive, but the other one doesn't seem possible. plausible. >> jaime, as brooke says, what do you make of this point that men didn't care how experienced the guy friends are except as when they viewed them as a threat to steal the girlfriend. >> i have to reject on the institution and say go big redment i don't think i can get inside the mind of women in this study. i defer all of my answers to brooke in this category. i don't even understand.
12:45 am
>> played it safe. played it safe, andy. >> complimenting them works burkts listen to the master. you put a little something in the drink. not easy. i have put in an ice cube. >> give an opinion without saying slut? >> yes, i do and i don't like that word. i like sexually empowered. the other s-word discourages and aside from andrew we would like to encourage. this is a classic example of how girls are with girls and guys are with guys. guys encourage their friends to be fun. you like to have a good time and i like to have a good time and let's have a good time together. women are haters who hate. you guys do not allow your friends to be just as fun as you may or may not be. who suffers? us. >> you are still waiting for your first kiss. >> i don't even know what a girl looks like naked.
12:46 am
i have drawn pictures though and i think they are pretty accurate. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at fox do you have aid yes of your animal doing something? go to fox eye. we may use your video. coming up, the post game report from tom shillue. >> tonight's post game wrap you will is brought to you by ant eaters. the mammals with a long claw and stitchy tong to catch pray. thanks, ant eaters.
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a brand-new "red eye" returns tomorrow and greg will be back with guests including harris faulkner and sherrod small. >> back to tom shillue for the post game wrap up. and tom's latest comedy cd crt trust your heart" is now available. >> wow. that looks great. >> how about that? >> that is the new one. excellent. >> glad you said that. >> it is new to me too. i don't even know what the heck is on it. andy, good show. this is interesting doing what we used to call the half time report at the end. i get to see so many more stories. it is very confusing though. there is so much to choose from.
12:51 am
>> or just keep killing time like this and not do anything. >> well, i am relieved. i always felt alls the ratings went down -- as the ratings went down during my half time reports i would blame myself. now the ratings go down in the middle of the show and i can just slide along with everyone else. all right, andy -- >> no, no. keep goingment -- keep going. >> what did you have for lunch today? >> serious stuff. andy, you started off with thisy advice rating of david brooks. was it the substance of what he said or was it really -- was it his coying tone throughout hissed for y'all that bothered you? >> it was both. >> the line that bothered me the most was describing the unmediated man. he was living in the technological existence in the fuzzy land between childhood
12:52 am
institutions and adult family commitments. what is he talking about? >> he took a shot at people in their 20s or whatever. meanwhile, he was mr. let's send people in their 20s to iraq to die while he stood on the sideline doing his best dallas cow bill -- cow girl institution. none of them believe in institutions. >> brooke, you said do any of us have a reasonable expectation of privacy? is it because of the devices that we are holding? is that the reason we don't deserve privacy anymore? >> deserve or expect. >> do we have a reasonable expectation of privacy? we are using other people's technology. is that your reason? is. >> that's the worst question ever. the question they are trying to make is what the supreme court does when they evaluate
12:53 am
is the government in a lawful search and seizure to see if we have a reasonable expectation of privacy. with technology -- the constant third party monitoring what you are doing. we can't get away. everybody has a third party monitering. you can't engage in the internet without a third party provider. reasonable ekdz -- expectation has to be reexamined. >> reexamined because of technology. things like gps'. easy pass. every time we drive through we are being tracked. we are giving up a lot of our privacy because of the devices that we use. >> but is it voluntary? the other part of the test is would a reasonable person who lives in society think this should be protected 1234* we have to give more weight to that argument. there has been a huge public outcry about this. >> a couple years ago a guy was caught because he murdered
12:54 am
his wife and drove through an easy pass and then found him. if you murder your wife, don't use easy pass. >> the bigger question is how are you still free? >> andrew, it sounds like you have age what are you hiding? like you are saying what are you hiding? and by the way, "mass do gas -- madagascar 4" is not out yet. >> i tried to download it. i am ahead of my time. >> whatever you are downloading, it is not the official "mad do madagascar 4". >> there are two s'. >> i berried this note before i lose it. the clapper was invented by joseph petot. >> there is no clapper in that name. >> you would think, right?
12:55 am
next story -- you know what, i want to get to -- i am all mixed up. >> let's go out of order. let's go to the sesame street story. you said you were all for it. you were all for this sesame street prison episode. but do you even know what this muppet's dad was incarcerated for? >> i think his father was bill bill -- bill airs? >> no, he murdered his wife and drove her through easy town. >> a grim story line. >> you jumped ahead to the story. >> no, actually, i -- in my notes he murdered his wife for the insurance money. >> well played.
12:56 am
>> brooke made is a quick reference to the hamas muppets and i thought this must be a made up story. >> it is not. >> brooke, i went on-line and looked it up and it is not made up. the palestinian version of "sesame street" is called sharia sim sim. i am reading this article and i will give you the fact expiz look at the author of the article and who was it? >> brooke goldstein. >> grok gold -- brooke goldstein. >> you can also get a recommended article on why you should receive a grant. for more see brooke goldstein .org. >> i do my research. that's good. back to you, andy. >> thanks, tom. thanks, brooke, bill and andrew. the schulzs and and jaime weinstein. that does it for me. i'm andy levy and i will see you next time. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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author guy will be mad. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i can't find out anything, can you? i don't know what happened to benghazi. i don't know what happened in the irsz. i don't know what happened with james rosen. i don't know what happened with this one. they won't tell us anything. >> bill: that's what i said on "the today show" this morning as yet another scandal has dropped on the nation. this one involving an alleged coverup of crimes by hillary clinton's state department. james carville, rand paul, cawley and colmes will all analyze. >> i think that it's important to a lot of people who support the family that they have a front row seat. they don't trust the media. >> will the american press cover the zimmerman martin trial in a farewell? we will take a look at that question. >> would you mind if some


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